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Business Structures & Partnerships


If you are setting up a new business, or asking yourself if the way you are currently trading is the best and most efficient method for your requirements, why not ask one of our expert advisers for guidance and information to help you decide.

Are you currently a sole trader or partnership considering incorporating as a limited company? Are you and your colleagues a partnership without realising it (yes, such a thing is possible!!)? Are you a charitable organisation thinking about incorporation as a company limited by guarantee? Should your existing partnership consider becoming a limited liability partnership? Are you a community based non-profit making organisation which could benefit from becoming a Community Interest Company?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, or even if you haven’t, why not come and discuss matters further with our expert advisers. We will use our knowledge and experience to help you trade as effectively and efficiently as possible without compromising your business ethics and ethos.

Whatever business structure you adopt, if more than one person is involved, it is always advisable to have a written agreement. Problems do arise in all types of business and the appropriate governing documentation can provide a framework for resolving such problems, without which expensive court action may be necessary. A properly drawn partnership agreement or shareholders agreement can be vital in dealing with issues such as dispute resolution, retirement and succession. Our experts can advise you on the form and contents of such agreements that most meets your needs.