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Intellectual Property


Whether you have worked hard to build a brand, devised a logo that is recognisable and trusted or wish to protect a particularly catchy business name for a new venture, we have expert advisers at hand to give you guidance on how to protect, sell or otherwise exploit your business’ intellectual property rights.

Trade Marks
We can help you register your logo and/or name as a trade mark, prepare contracts to allow others to use your existing trade marks for either specific or general purposes or advise on selling your registered trade mark.

If your employees or contractors are creating computer programs, pamphlets or music for your business, who owns the copyright to these works? Expert advice at the outset can save you a lot of time and money, and we are able to assist you and your business to ensure that any work created for and commissioned by you belongs to you and, more importantly, can be used by you without you having to pay unforeseen and unexpected additional charges.

Other Intellectual Property Rights
We can also advise generally on patents, registered design rights and unregistered design rights. Intellectual Property is an important area for any business to consider and, if used effectively, may be able to generate additional income. We have the expertise at your doorstep, whether you are an individual, a sole trader, a partnership, charity or incorporated company.

Contact Jonty Gordon, who has a wealth of experience with Intellectual Property matters.