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Enduring Powers of Attorney – Need to Know!


Did you enter into an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) prior to 2007? An EPA is a document in which a person signed up to 2007 before the process of appointing an attorney changed to incorporate Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs). Properly executed EPAs are valid provided they still meet your wishes. EPAs were somewhat […]

Grandparents Rights


It is very common to see grandparents at the school gates picking their grandchildren up from school. Similarly grandparents are often seen in toddler groups with their young grandchildren or out about in the community, feeding the ducks or on the swings in the park. For many working parents, grandparents are a source of free […]

Special Guardianship Order : A Half Way House?


Special Guardianship Orders ( SGO) became law in 2005. A SGO is a private law order that appoints one or more individuals to be the child’s ‘special guardian’ giving them parental responsibility and the child a secure home. However, the legal relationship between the child and his parents is not severed and the birth parent […]

Money and Welfare – Inextricably Linked


A recent Court of Protection case has emphasised how financial decision making has a direct effect on health and welfare. In this case, when Mrs P lost her mental capacity her solicitor put himself forward to be her financial deputy. He was granted that position and instructed by the Court to find out exactly what […]

Adoption Support


There is no doubt that becoming a parent is rewarding, fulfilling and fun but on occasions it can be tiring and demanding. Adopted children can have additional needs possibly due to their early life experiences and these can influence their behaviour at home or school. A recent report from the NSPCC confirmed that in England […]

Deputy Court Orders


As our elderly population increases, the number of Deputyship Orders or registered Powers of Attorney have also increased. Yet general awareness about these documents and how they work is greatly lacking. This often creates obstacles when the Deputy or Attorney is dealing with health and welfare professionals, as well as banks, pension providers, utility companies […]

“Acting in Good Faith” – What does this mean for Executors?


In a recent case, Court of Appeal Judge, Lord Justice Sales examined what it meant for an Executor to “act in good faith”. Michael and Philip Noble ran a successful family business. Michael died in 2006; his Will appointing as Executors his brother Philip, his widow Gillian and the family accountant John Barnsley. It was […]

What’s in Your Will?

Many of us have made Wills, and that’s a good thing. But it is equally important to know and understand what’s in your Will. There are many instances where a Will is prepared by a relative, friend or even Will writer or solicitor with the contents of the Will not being properly explained to the […]

A Voice For Animals


The Fourth of October, 2016 is World Animal Day, which has been built this year as a chance to “speak up for those who have no voice”. Around the world, events will be held to promote animal welfare and raise awareness for the protection of animals. Moving closer to home, we are very much a […]

We Are Pleased To Announce Our Macmillan Coffee Morning!

Swayne Johnson Solicitors Llandudno are partaking in the World’s Largest Coffee Morning, in order to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Macmillan offers an undeniably vital source of much-needed support, guidance and care to those who are affected by cancer, regardless of whether they are sufferers, family members, or friends. Macmillan is a charity comprised of supporters that […]