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Commercial Property

Commercial Property transactions can be anything but straightforward! Whether you are buying or selling freehold premises, or granting, taking or assigning a lease our experts are at hand to give you the appropriate advice to ensure that matters run as smoothly as possible.

When do you require an Energy Performance Certificate?
Do you need a Fire Risk Assessment?
An Asbestos Report? Should the sale or purchase price include VAT?
Who should insure the property?
Do you need the option of a break clause in your lease?
What about an option to renew?

There are many more questions that could, and should, be raised during your commercial property transactions. Whether you are renting a small office space or buying a multi-million pound industrial unit, our fully qualified solicitors can make sure that the right enquiries are raised and the right answers obtained. Whatever the commercial property transaction, we can help you achieve your desired outcome. Our Conveyancing Team Select from one of our qualified Solicitors to help you with your legal issue Michael Tree – Director & Solicitor Edward Lloyd – Director & Solicitor  Caryl Vaughan – Director & Solicitor  Llyr Williams – Director &  Solicitor  Juana Hunter – Solicitor Arwel Jones – Solicitor