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Charitable Trust

Over the past 100 years Swayne Johnson Solicitors have proactively supported charitable initiatives and community projects, positively impacting the hospice movement, youth work, welfare of children, the elderly, and many other local projects.

We have now created the Swayne Johnson Charitable Trust as a vehicle for donating support for our nominated charities and grass roots local projects.

The Directors and Shareholders of Swayne Johnson Solicitors have already donated a proportion of their profits to the Charitable Trust to set up the fund. The Directors and staff of Swayne Johnson Solicitors will continue to fund raise to add to those funds so that the company can support wide ranging local projects and charities in their work

Giving back to improve the quality of local communities is at the very foundation of Swayne Johnson Solicitors, and one of our core values.

The business of Swayne Johnson Solicitors and Swayne Johnson Charitable Trust are kept entirely separate and 100% of the distributable profit of the Trust will be available for Grants.  Swayne Johnson Solicitors also supplies pro bono legal work and time to the Charitable Trust to support its existence.

Other information on all charitable activities can be found by visiting the Charity Commission website or by emailing charity@swaynejohnson.com.

  • How To Apply

    Visit our website www.swaynejohnson.com/charitabletrust.  Complete and submit the application online or download a copy and send to charity@swaynejohnson.com or by post to Swayne Johnson Charitable Trust, 2 Hall Square, Denbigh, LL16 3PA.


      Address Including Postcode



      Your Project Name

      Amount Applied for

      Please tell us about your project

      Please tell us who'll benefit from your project

      Please tell the geographical area of your project. Where are you based and where will the funds be used?

      Is your project linked to a school, youth club, or other organisation? If so, please provide details.

      Please give a full breakdown of the costs of your project

      If successful, please tell us who to make the cheque payable to

      If applicable - How many adults will be working with people under 18 or vulnerable adults on your project?

      Have they been DBS checked?


      Please confirm that you have parental/guardian/individual consent for photographs to be taken and used for publicity for your project


      Please confirm that you consent to a follow up visit/discussion and to provide post project feedback


      Is there any other information that you would like to provide? If so, please add here.

    • What Happens Next

      The Grants Panel will meet quarterly.  The deadline for applications is the 25th of May, August, November and February.  Your application will be acknowledged and if successful you will be notified by post or email.