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Achieving an Amicable Separation

Wills and Second Marriages

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The rising number of second marriages and blended families has led to an increasing number of disputes over Wills in the last few years. In fact, a third of all marriages in England and Wales are between couples where one or both spouses have previously been married. Whether the previous marriage ended in death or […]

The Benefits of Appointing Professional Executors in Your Will

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An executor is a person or organisation of your choosing who has the responsibility of administering your estate on your death in accordance with the rule of law and in distributing your assets as per the terms of your Will.  Choosing your Executors is an extremely important decision and must not be taken lightly. Losing […]

Inheritance and Entitlement to Means-Tested Benefits

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For most people, an inheritance can be life-changing, even more so when the beneficiary is vulnerable/disabled.  When making a Will, most people wish to provide for their family members, especially if they are in need or vulnerable. Many disabled beneficiaries are long term recipients of means-tested benefits. In these cases, receiving a large inheritance creates […]

Video Witnessed Wills To Be Made Legal During COVID-19 Pandemic

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There’s no denying that taking Will instructions and then getting those Wills signed during Covid-19 lockdown has presented a huge challenge for anxious clients seeking reassurance and assistance in getting their affairs in order and their professional advisors. The use of technology has of course proved to be tremendously important but whilst conducting meetings by […]

CORONAVIRUS: How Does it Affect Your Commercial Property?

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Many businesses have been forced to close their doors to customers, or severely restrict the way they operate, and despite Government assistance in terms of waiver of Business Rates for some commercial premises, or the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, there is no specific assistance to help businesses who rent their property or properties with the […]

Dying Matters Week 2019

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Swayne Johnson are supporting Dying Matters Week which this year takes place from 13th to 19th May. Throughout North Wales and West Cheshire we provide legal advice on making a Will and assistance on probate following a death.  This brings us into regular contact with the subject of dying and gives us an understanding as […]

The impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when selling your business

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Most businesses process information about their customers, clients and employees. Therefore, GDPR will have an impact on the sale of the business. The buyer will want to ensure that they find out as much information as possible about your business so that they are able to make an informed decision. Ordinarily you will receive a […]

Purchasing a Business

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If you are looking to purchase a business (asset purchase), it is quite possible that you are wondering how the process works.  We regularly assist clients with buying businesses which can range from hotels, salons, tea rooms and retail shops. The main steps of the transaction are outlined below. Preliminary Agreements In some circumstances the […]

Advanced Decision- (Formerly Living Will) What Is It And How Does It Apply?

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“Living Will” is the old term for what is now referred to as an “Advanced Decision”. The Mental Capacity Act 2005 (which came into force in 2007) ensured Advanced Decisions now have legally binding status. Living Wills prepared prior to 2007 remain non-binding unless they have been updated or re-signed since 2007. An Advanced Decision […]

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