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Civil Partnerships


The Civil Partnership Act, which was introduced in December 2004, allows same sex couples similar rights to married couples. Dissolving a civil partnership is a similar process to divorce.

Issues that may arise as a result of the dissolution or breakdown of a civil partnership are:

Financial issues
Financial issues are dealt with in a similar way to divorce. If you can reach an agreement, we can draw up an agreement recording the settlement reached but if you are unable to reach an agreement we can represent you in any dispute.

Children issues
Again, these issues are dealt with following the dissolution of a civil partnership, in a similar way to children disputes within marriage. Same sex couples separating who are not in a civil partnership may still have children and property issues and you will need to obtain expert legal advice.

You may wish to resolve financial and or children issues without the necessity of attending court. Collaborative Law is an alternative you may like to consider.

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