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B2C Community Conference in Wrexham with Swayne Johnson Solicitors


Posted on 06 Oct 2014

Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales have recently taken part in an important and pivotal event to help encourage businesses to support community associations and programmes in the North Wales region and beyond.

Our firm was pleased to be able to contribute to the highly successful B2C Community Conference in Wrexham this season.
Swayne Johnson Solicitors regularly partner with the Business Supporting Communities organisation to assist local groups with a range of legal issues through the B2C Professionals programme.

Llyr Williams, Head of our Charities and Ecclesiastical Law department recently took part in a B2C Community Conference in Wrexham.

Llyr gave several workshops on the different ways of forming a charity, and discussed the law surrounding the newly developed Charitable Incorporated Organisations. Llyr also had one-to-one sessions with members of the community and discussed with them the different ways that their charities can be structured to meet their requirements.

Llyr, who recently received a Master’s Degree in Canon Law from Cardiff University, said

“It is essential to help charities in the local community understand that there are many different ways by which a charity can run, and it is important for them to decide which structure best suits their needs. I enjoyed the day and hope that I was able to be of some help to the attendees”.

If you would like to contact Llyr about the different ways that a charity can be structured, or have any other questions concerning Charities and Ecclesiastical Law, please contact him directly on 01745 586830, or view his profile here.

In addition to providing legal support the Swayne Johnson Solicitors firm is a key part of the North Wales community and we work alongside local schools and fundraising for charities. We have specially trained solicitors in a wide range of legal fields including Charities and Ecclesiastical Law experts such as Llyr Williams.

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