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Dying Matters – So Let’s Talk About It


Posted on 08 May 2017

We are delighted to announce that there are more free talks on the way for 2017, which cover a range of topics related to the law and how it may affect you and those close to you. The intention of talks such as our previous seminars, Planning Your Estate and Will Wishes for the New Year, are intended to help promote understanding and confidence surrounding changes of circumstance which may otherwise be very confusing. Following the positive reaction and the great work started with these talks, we have decided to host a series of workshops throughout May.

Siân Thompson of our Llandudno Office is presenting two talks throughout the month of May, which both fall within the Dying Matters Week 2017 – which is in conjunction with St Kentigern Hospice.

The first of Siân’s talks is A Right to a Good Death on Tuesday, the 9th of May at the Oriel Hotel, St Asaph from 10am to 12 noon– which is aimed at discussion and sharing knowledge of some of the legal aspects of end of life planning, as well as demystifying what can be a very complex situation to all attendees.

This workshop will centre on some very important issues, such as the difficult and extremely controversial issue of the right to die as well as addressing the approach taken by the medical profession and the courts in themselves toward this. Furthermore, the workshop will also address the conflicts between authorities, patients, and families, as well as explain living wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney. Siân’s workshop will be absolutely unmissable for those who wish to know more about the complexities of end of life planning.

Siân will return on Thursday the 11th of May at Rhyl Town Hall from 12.30 to host another discussion – What Goes Where – which is a guide to estate planning, and will provide ways to ensure that the administration of an estate will be far less time consuming and complex than what it has to be. Furthermore, Siân will be able to provide advice on matters such as inheritance tax and how to ensure your estate is dealt with correctly while making use of all help available to you.

End of life care can be a very upsetting and confusing subject to most of us, but with talks such as this, you’re truly not alone. We are pleased to mention that both of these talks are absolutely free. To reserve your place, please contact us on 01745 585221 to speak to either Kath or Jayne to reserve your spot.

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