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Swayne Johnson To Sponsor Denbigh Cricket Club

Swayne Johnson Cricket

Posted on 31 May 2019

Swayne Johnson has the pleasure of supporting one of Wales’ oldest cricket clubs, Denbigh Cricket Club, which is celebrating its 175th anniversary this summer.

Denbigh Cricket Club’s ancestry dates back to 1844 – ten years before Swayne Johnson began however, both of our local connections date back even earlier!

Research by the club and by former Swayne Johnson Managing Director Edward Lloyd, a former club captain himself, has revealed a connection with the famous cricketer Dr W G Grace.

Edward Lloyd, who recently retired this year, still closely supports the cricket club today. He goes on to say,

“There’s a very strong connection between Swayne Johnson and Denbigh Cricket Club with the two Colonel Swayne’s, E J and his son, Roderic, who were the successive presidents of the cricket club for 50 years from 1922.

“They are commemorated in the Swayne Trophy, a silver tankard, which goes to the clubman of the year and was presented to the club after the death of Colonel Roderic Swayne MC – he won the Military Cross in 1917 in Flanders – in 1972.

The Cricket Club will be marking the occasion with a Summer Ball on Saturday, June 8th, at the Club on Ystrad Road, Denbigh.

For more on Denbigh Cricket Club’s 175th anniversary celebrations go to https://www.facebook.com/Denbighcricketclub/

Swayne Johnson Cricket

SWAYNE JOHNSON; Denbigh cricket club celebrate 175 years; Pictured are Chairman Gwyn Evans, Harrison Jones, first team captain, Gerallt Lyall, cup holder, Craig Stubbs , Club secretary and Edward Lloyd from Swayne Johnson. Picture Mandy Jones

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