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Swayne Johnson’s Capel Curig Walk


Posted on 12 Oct 2017

We are delighted to announce that on the 14th of October, 20 members of staff from our Denbigh, St Asaph, Llandudno, Ruthin, Bangor and Tattenhall offices will embark on a sponsored walk in order to raise money for a cause which has become very dear to us in recent days. The cause is Liverpool Women’s Hospital and the Neonatal Care Centre within the hospital, which recently gave specialist treatment to the premature baby son of a colleague.

All staff members of our offices throughout North Wales and Cheshire feel a deep respect and admiration for the work performed by the neonatal unit, as well as the devotion and determination of the nursing staff as they endeavour to save the lives of babies and mothers in their care.

Liverpool Women’s Neonatal Unit provide around the clock care for more than 1000 babies and families every year- including babies which weigh just half a pound. Furthermore, Liverpool Women’s Neonatal Unit work to extremely high standards of care – as well as a firm understanding of the difficulties that parents must go through throughout their experience. As such, Liverpool Women’s Neonatal Services provides two rooms on the Neonatal Unit which are designated for parents, as well as three fully furnished plats which are located close to the hospital in order for parents to stay overnight, as close to their child, as possible.

The work that the Liverpool Women’s Neonatal ward does is absolutely incredible, and the care and attention they provide for all the needs of family members as those of a premature child is beyond compare.

While Swayne Johnson Solicitors have always endeavoured to promote and support local charities in our area, we truly feel that the Liverpool Women’s Hospital Neonatal ward is a resource without compare, and without this precious resource, the experience of premature birth for thousands of women across the country could be so very different. While we remain committed to doing all we can to assist in local causes, we wish to both assist Liverpool Women’s Neonatal Services in their future endeavours, as well as thank them for their efforts.

As such, our staff members are participating in a sponsored walk around Capel Curig in order to raise as many funds as we can, which will go directly to Newborn Appeal at Liverpool Women’s Charity in order to support the amazing work of the Neonatal Unit.


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