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Emma Mitchell

  • Job Title: Legal Assistant
  • Team: Court of Protection
  • Qualification: HND in Business and Finance from University of Glamorgan
  • Date of Qualification: 1994

Areas of expertise

Court of Protection / Private Client 

What you enjoy about your job

The variety of work is wonderful and the fact that you are making a difference to people’s daily lives is a very pleasing factor of the job. 

About You

Originally from Essex (but lived in Norfolk for a number of years) I moved to North Wales in 2005 and wouldn’t be anywhere else. In my spare time I love to read, cook and spend time at home with my wife, Lindsay. I also crochet, mainly blanket that I then gift to our local animal charity shop to take to the shelter. 

To contact Emma:

Telephone Number:  01745 586839

Email Address: mitchelle@swaynejohnson.com