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Personal Injury & Civil Litigation

Personal Injury – All on a “No Win – No Fee” Basis,
We will not “buy” your case, nor will we sell it short.

We only act for the individual victim of a personal injury accident. We do not act for insurance companies, trade unions or anybody else who has a financial interest in your case.

Unlike many lawyers involved in the so-called “claims culture”, we do not pay any third party for sending personal injury victims to us. Nor do we deal with our personal injury cases on a conveyer belt basis.

The members of our specialist personal injury department have decades of experience of ensuring that our personal injury clients receive the compensation they rightly deserve.

We also do our best to make sure that our clients receive not only a prompt, efficient and professional service but also a friendly and understanding service, including home visits, where appropriate.

Unlike most personal injury lawyers, we do not pay “claims farmers” to send clients to us. Instead, we rely upon the recommendations from our existing and past clients and also from other professionals who acknowledge our expertise and good reputation.

Our personal injury expertise includes the following types of case:

For more information, complete and return our Personal Injury or Civil Litigation form. Alternatively, contact David Scott or Jonty Gordon.