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Company & Commercial

Our expert team of commercial solicitors can assist and advise you on all aspects of running your business, whether you are a sole trader, franchise, partnership, or limited company, and whether you are starting out or well established. We work closely with you and your other professional advisers to ensure that you have the peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best – running a successful enterprise.

Setting up your business

Working closely with you to establish the needs of your business, we can offer advice on the benefits of different structures, and help you with setting up your new business, from preparing standard terms and conditions of business and employment guidelines, to constitutions for the running of the business, partnership or shareholders’ agreements, and registering your company with Companies House. Our expert advice from the outset can make a difference, and ensure that your business gets the best possible start.

Established businesses

Our specialist solicitors can assist your well established business too, from assisting with your employment issues, advising on any change of structure or changes to your constitutions and governing documents, assisting you with contracts, and working with our litigation experts as and when needed. We also work closely with our Private Client colleagues to ensure that your business can continue in the event of death or loss of capacity.



Commercial contracts cover a vast range of subjects and circumstances. However, basic principles are fundamental to all contracts. Our solicitors have experience in a range of business contracts, including sale and purchase agreements, franchising agreements, and joint venture agreements. We can assist with the preparation of standard terms and conditions of business, and we can advise on most contractual arrangements.



Whether you are looking to incorporate an existing business or start a new one, we can assist you with preparing your Articles of Association, with the creation of your new limited company, and the transfer of assets to the company. Small private or family companies are often chosen as an alternative to partnerships, and can be a more appropriate and tax efficient way of conducting your business and, working with your accountants (and colleagues in other departments when necessary), we can ensure that your company has the most effective arrangements are in place to deal with such issues are managerial control, conflicts, retirement and succession.


Sales, Purchases and Mergers

Whether you are selling or buying the assets of a business, or the shares of a company, or merging with another business, or setting up a joint venture, the issues involved are complex, and obtaining expert advice from the outset is vitally important. We can help you with the preparation of Heads of Terms, which will help to govern the scope of the transaction, as well as dealing with exclusivity and confidentiality agreements. We will ensure that the terms of the deal are fair, and that you are aware of all of your rights and responsibilities under the contract. We will work with your accountants, bankers, another professionals to ensure a swift and successful conclusion to your transaction.


Landed Estates

North Wales and Cheshire has a number of large landed estate, and Swayne Johnson are happy to be trusted by a number of Landed Estates to deal with property matters, private client matters (including wills and complex tax planning), and disputes.


Care Homes and Nursing Homes

Our specialist solicitors work together across departments to provide the owners of nursing and care homes with the best possible advice in respect of property matters, business continuity, as well as employment and litigation advice.

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