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Slips,Trips and Falling Accidents

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Slips, Trips and Falling Accidents

If you have suffered personal injury in an accident involving a slip, trip or fall, then we can advise you whether you may have a good claim for compensation, even if the accident was partly your own fault. The accident may have happened in a public place or on private property. Many such accident happen while at work.

If the accident happened in a public place, then someone else may be responsible under the law of negligence and/or nuisance or pursuant to the Highways Act 1980.

If the accident took place on private property, then someone might be liable to pay you compensation based on the law of negligence and/or nuisance or under the Occupiers’ Liability Acts of 1957 or 1984. This might be the situation if your accident happened on business premises (e.g. a shop or office) or if the accident happened in someone’s home.

A great many slip, trip and falling accidents happen to people while they are at work. This is often due to the employer’s negligence and/or breach of one of the many regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

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The different types of compensation:

The compensation for personal injuries is usually known as “general damages” or “damages for pain and suffering and loss of amenity” (PSLA). This part of the compensation will depend upon the nature of the injuries you have suffered, the way in which your life is affected by the injuries and also upon whether you make a full recovery or will be left with any long-term symptoms.

In addition to compensation for the physical injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for the psychological impact of the accident and its consequences.

Other types of compensation:

In addition to general damages, you may also be able to claim for financial losses arising from the accident. These are known as “special damages” and might include loss of earnings, the value of items damaged in the accident, the cost of any private medical treatment and care and assistance (or the value of such if it is provided voluntarily – e.g. by a family member or friend), extra travelling expenses and the cost of items purchased to enable you to cope better with the injuries.

Further helpful information can be obtained from the following websites:
APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) www.apil.org.uk
Health & Safety Executive www.hse.gov.uk

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