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Posted on 20 Oct 2016

There is no doubt that becoming a parent is rewarding, fulfilling and fun but on occasions it can be tiring and demanding. Adopted children can have additional needs possibly due to their early life experiences and these can influence their behaviour at home or school.

A recent report from the NSPCC confirmed that in England and Wales more than 60% of the children that are looked after due to abuse and or neglect.  Such children have experienced traumatic events and when they are placed with their forever families, there should be significant consideration in relation to the adoption support packages for the child and his/her new parents.

Prospective adopters face a stringent and strict process before being approved as prospective adopters. Once a child has been matched to the prospective adopter(s), the assessment process should not end.  Facing another assessment may be quite off putting to the adopters, but it is essential that local authorities assess adopters’ support needs.

The Adoption and Children Act 2002 and The Adoption Support Services (Wales) Regulations 2005 provide that local authorities are expected to provide good quality support for adopters and the children.

Adoption support packages can include a wide range of matters from financial assistance to therapy and may, in some circumstances, include the funding of independent legal advice.

At Swayne Johnson Solicitors North Wales & Chester, we have specialist solicitors in the Family Law team who have extensive experience of advising in relation to adoption and who have worked closely with local authorities across North Wales and Adoption Panels. Our solicitors will be on hand to guide you through the process so as to ensure that the best support package is made available for you and your new family.

-By Sara Lloyd Evans – A solicitor based at our Llandudno and Bangor offices and a member of our Family Team. Sara has a keen interest in safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and has been involved in advising and leading on Serious Case Reviews, Domestic Homicide Reviews, and Child Practise Reviews. Sara is also a fluent Welsh speaker.

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