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Swayne Johnson Praised by Welsh Government for Participation in Jobs Growth Wales

Solicitors North Wales

Posted on 11 Nov 2014

Swayne Johnson Solicitors in North Wales & Tattenhall are delighted to report that we have been praised by the Welsh Government for our involvement in the Jobs Growth Wales Programme.

The Jobs Growth Wales Programme was set up by the Welsh Government to tackle the unemployment problem among young people in Wales. Young people were one of the groups hit hardest by the financial recession and made up the greatest numbers of those struggling to find employment.

To actively combat this issue the Welsh Government launched the Jobs Growth Wales Programme to help businesses employ young people and help them get into valuable work roles that lead to sustainable jobs.

We are proud to say that Swayne Johnson Solicitors embraced the new Jobs Growth Wales Scheme and did our part to help young people gain employment in our firm. We have always believed it is vital to invest in young people and their training since they are the future of the workforce.

The Jobs Growth Wales Programme has only just had its second anniversary but already the results our extremely positive and we are so pleased that our company’s participation has been a part of that and made a difference in young people’s lives and careers.

We are thrilled to have received this congratulatory letter from the Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology commending our involvement in the scheme and letting us know the great effect businesses like Swayne Johnson have had on the national employment of young people.

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your support and engagement on the Jobs Growth Wales Programme.

Jobs Growth Wales, which is backed by the European Social Fund, is the Welsh Government’s flagship youth employment programme to support unemployed young people into work. The programme has recently reached its second anniversary and has exceeded its targets, achieving astonishing levels of success.

The programme has created well over 12,000 additional job opportunities and companies using the scheme have employed over 10,500 young people. To mark this achievement, I wanted to take this opportunity to write to you to thank you for helping create these fantastic job opportunities for our unemployed young people. The programme is clearly reaping huge rewards for all involved and I am really proud of the progress that has been made in its first two years.

I’m even more proud of the hard work of the young people and their employers who’ve made the programme the success it is. Just in the private sector strand of the scheme, the largest strand of Jobs Growth Wales, there has been an 81% success rate where young people after the 6 months have secured sustained employment, an apprenticeship or further learning.

This success could not have been achieved if businesses like yours from across Wales, large or small, had not embraced the programme. Due to its success Jobs Growth Wales has been extended for a fourth year with an additional £12.5 million from the Welsh Government, creating more than 4,000 extra job opportunities for unemployed young people.

So once again, thank you for your support in making the programme such a success and I would ask that you share your experiences and the potential of the Jobs Growth Wales programme with your networks.

Yours Sincerely,

Ken Skates AC/AM
Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology.”

Thank you to the Deputy Minister for Skills and Technology for your positive feedback from everyone here at Swayne Johnson Solicitors, we were pleased to participate in this innovative programme to help young people.

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