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When you make a will you are dealing with all your worldly goods. In view of the time and effort most people put into acquiring these goods it seems only sensible to have a say in how they are disposed of on your death. If you do not make a will the Law of Intestacy will direct how your estate is dealt with.

Frankly, these rules may not be to your liking or that of those you leave behind. Under these rules all persons in the same relationship to you (eg Nephews & Nieces) are dealt with in an identical fashion.

A Thoughtful Process

Making a Will is a task which requires considerable thought and care, coupled with the need for a lawyer’s expertise in drafting. Not only does a will set out your wishes as to the disposal of your estate it can also act as a very effective tax saving device at the same time.

For those with dependants, especially children, other considerations apply – namely Guardianship. In the event of death, consideration must be given on how assets should be used for their maintenance. Here it is important to consider whether death benefits, whether from life assurance plans or pension schemes, are not only tax efficient within the estate, but also meet the family’s wishes for the future.

  • Don’t let the state decide what happens to your assets
  • Provide for dependants, as YOU wish
  • Leave specific gifts to loved ones
  • Protect family Assets for future generations
  • Save on tax and fees by planning ahead

We offer various schemes for Client’s to make their Wills with us from a fixed fee for a straightforward Will, to schemes such as the Cancer Research UK Free Wills Scheme and the Barnardos free Wills scheme, special promotions from time to time, and more complex Inheritance Tax planning. In addition, existing Clients of the firm are eligible from time to time for special promotional rates. Please do ask.

Our Wills, Trusts & Estates Team Select from one of our Probate Law specialists to help you with your legal issues Sarah Noton – Managing Director & Solicitor Lynette Viney-Passig – Director & Solicitor Emma Deering – Legal Executive Yvonne Hughes – Solicitor Rebecca Robinson – Solicitor Shaun Hughes – Solicitor Jennifer Howell – Solicitor Siân Thompson – Solicitor